412sjacksonsm This quaint, turn-of-the-century, L-shaped cottage is believed to have been built in 1906 by George and Lina Fink who lived there until their deaths. This home’s story really began in 1973; after years of vacancy left it in utter disrepair, smothered in vegetation and condemned. At that time, Doris Ludwick acquired the cottage to tear it down and rebuild on the lot. Ms. Ludwick became enamored with the house, changed her mind about razing it, and slowly and lovingly renovated it. Ms. Ludwick continued to live in the house, her pride and joy, until 2000.

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Historic Salisbury Foundation - Celebrating 44 Years of Preservation

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Historic Salisbury Foundation, founded in 1972, is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, protect and revitalize the historic fabric of Salisbury and Rowan County.