2021 Virtual Tour

Peacock-Fowler House c. 1924

This brick, Prairie-style home and its attached carriage house were built in 1924 by A.R. Lazenby, Salisbury’s renowned house builder.

Its first owner was Phillip N. Peacock, a wholesale grocer and Salisbury Postmaster (1928-1932). Walter McCanless purchased the home in 1945 for his daughter, Jane Fowler. It was the Fowler family home until Jane’s death in 2004. Frannie and Robert Taylor purchased the home in 2004, completed a five month restoration, and the house was on OctoberTour for the first time in 2007. The current owners purchased the home in 2012.

The home’s exterior features strong horizontal lines, minimal ornamentation, broad overhanging eaves, windows in sets of three, and a pyramid-form hip roof. Note the modernist spacing of the window panes on the top half of the casement. That detail is duplicated on the interior French doors. In 2007, the house was completely rewired and reroofed. Additions included converting a fifth bedroom to a master bath, air conditioning, a downstairs half bath, laundry area, walk-in closets and new kitchen appliances. Rooms were repainted, oak floors were cleaned and oiled throughout, and the kitchen received a floor-to-ceiling renovation. All but one of the home’s original radiators remained in their 1924 locations.