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We ask that you bring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within the 72 hours preceding Tour to pick up your tickets. Masks will be worn inside ALL tour sites.

All tickets, purchased ahead of Tour AND day-of sales, will be picked up at the Historic Salisbury Station (215 Depot Street, under the concourse) only. Tickets will NOT be sold at the Tour houses.

Unless prior arrangements are made with the office, each person attending Tour must be present to pick up tickets. One person is not able to pick up tickets for a group. All tickets purchased ahead of Tour must be purchased online. All day-of ticket sales will be card only transactions.

Online sales will end at noon on Friday October 8th. Tickets can still be purchased in person, credit card only, on the days of the tour for the same price.

The last day to request a refund for a ticket purchased online is Wednesday, October 6th. Please be advised that if you purchase a ticket online and attempt to pick it up without the required proof of vaccine or negative test, no refund will be given.

General Admission  $30

Visit the HSF office to purchase.

Member Tickets $25

Please call the office to purchase.

Children $10

Ages 6-10. Visit the HSF office to purchase.

Groups (10+) $25

Price is per person. Please call the office to purchase.

Event Tickets Purchase your tickets now for events you wish to attend during OctoberTour.

Patrons' Party $125+

$125 single, $225 couple.