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                                                            photo by Sean Meyers                                                                                                                                                                 photo by Sean Meyers

132 Flats is a one-story brick building constructed in 1919 on the corner of E. Innes and N. Lee Streets.   Historically occupied by auto related businesses in the early part of the century, the building has been transformed into four luxury residential flats.  With design aesthetics paying homage to its historic past, 132 Flats incorporates modern conveniences in a highly efficient structure promoting a sustainable urban lifestyle.

Originally, the building was constructed to house the Motor Sales and Service Company with a capacity of 150 cars.  Later the building went on to house several automobile dealerships including Salisbury Motor Company, which is still operating as a family owned business in Salisbury today.  The building once housed a Buick showroom on the main floor and an auto repair shop in the basement. 

Occupied by Haden’s Economy Auto Store in 1941, when rubber was scarce due to WWII, the building was mostly destroyed by a fire caused by a tire recapping accident.  Everything except the Lee Street façade was destroyed in the fire.  Around that time, the rear section of the building was demolished.  After a period of vacancy, the building was restored, and by 1944 was occupied by Ketner’s Grocery, followed by Winn Dixie in 1960. For the next several decades, the building housed various downtown businesses, notably Senator Elizabeth Dole’s campaign office in 1999 and later the Salisbury Visitor Center.

The project highlights the opportunities in downtown Salisbury to promote sustainable urban development while protecting historic structures and meeting housing demands.  With its location in the urban core of Salisbury and its proximity to public services and community amenities, this was an ideal structure for an urban-reuse project.  These criteria were conducive to 132 Flats being the first project in downtown Salisbury to pursue certification under the National Green Building Standard.

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Historic Salisbury Foundation, founded in 1972, is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, protect and revitalize the historic fabric of Salisbury and Rowan County.