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                                                                    photo by Sean Meyers

Oliver Oscho Rufty opened his store at 112 South Main Street around 1917 and named it “O.O. Rufty’s General Store.” In 1922 the store was moved to its present location on East Innes Street. He ran the store until 1931 when he sold it to the Houser Brothers of Winston-Salem and continued to manage it until 1933 when he repurchased it. Ten of his twelve children survived into adulthood and were involved in the business from an early age.  In 1952, Mr. Rufty retired and transferred ownership to his five sons as a partnership. Other expansions of the business included Rufty’s Garden Shop, Piedmont Garden Supply, Double O. Imports, and Southeastern Plumbing Supply.

In December 2002, The Rufty family sold the building to Bette Pollock and Stanley Williamson who opened Okey Dokey and Co. General Store. In 2015, the building suffered a devastating fire and Okey Dokey was never reopened. The building stood vacant for years until it was purchased by the current owners who began a full-scale restoration in 2018. The 12,400 square foot building was repurposed into a multi-use project and currently houses one retail space, six apartments, and 30 climate controlled storage spaces in the expansive basement.

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Historic Salisbury Foundation - Celebrating 46 Years of Preservation

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Historic Salisbury Foundation, founded in 1972, is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, protect and revitalize the historic fabric of Salisbury and Rowan County.