The Josephus Hall House c. 1820

Salisbury’s landmark property is an 1820 two-story Federal style double-pile frame house originally constructed by the Salisbury Female Academy.

It was converted into a residence in 1825 by Maxwell Chambers. In 1859, Dr. Josephus W. Hall (1805-1873) acquired the home and began to transform it - adding a two-story front porch with cast iron oak leaf and acorn ornamental openwork, a gateway arch, and square-edged clapboard. The front windows were also lengthened. Between 1890 and 1910, the attic was enlarged with a high-hipped roof and dormers.

Historic Salisbury Foundation purchased the home in 1972 from the Hall family, which had continuously occupied the residence for 113 years. The descendants donated many of the home’s original contents to the Foundation. Today, you can experience the original furnishings, wallpapers, painted ceilings and more. A two-room detached kitchen, staffed before emancipation by enslaved persons, was carefully restored over a three-year period and opened to the public in 2006. The Hall House is individually listed in the National Register for Historic Places.